Thomas and Friends: Having written a series of original Thomas the Tank Engine shorts for YouTube, I have rejoined the writing team of the TV show for the fifth consecutive year.

Adventures In Duckport: Just completing work on ten scripts for this new preschool show.

Claude: Having written the pilot script and teaser trailer, I am about to join the writing team for this new show based on the charming and quirky books by Alex T. Smith.



Puffin Rock: Wrote 19 episodes of this gorgeous preschool series – animated by two-time Academy Award nominated studio Cartoon Saloon and narrated by Chris O'Dowd.

Rastamouse: Wrote 12 episodes and was nominated for a Writers’ Guild Award for the episode Lady Uptown.

The Furchester: Scripted two episodes of this live action comedy – a CBeebies and Sesame Workshop co-production.

Boyster: Having worked on the original pilot episode with the show’s creator, wrote an episode of this boy-skewed, action-comedy series for Disney XD.

Tree Fu Tom: Wrote three episodes as part of the story team for series three.

Let’s Play: Wrote seven x 22’ episodes of this mixed-media preschool show.

Mike the Knight: Scripted two episodes for series three – including a double-length Chistmas special.

Boj: Wrote two episodes of this animated preschool series for CBeebies.

Zack and Quack: Part of the story team and scripted two episodes of this animated preschool series for Nick Jr.

Topsy and Tim: Wrote three episodes of this innovative live action interpretation of the heritage brand for CBeebies.

House of Anubis: As part of the story team, worked on the storylines for the third series and scripted five x 22’ episodes of this Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award winning series.

Eagle and the Space Racers: Wrote three episodes of this NASA-affiliated, animated, preschool series.

Thomas and Friends: Written over 20 episodes of this series, so far, for series 17-20.

Octonauts: Wrote five episodes for series two and three, currently screening on CBeebies and Disney Jr in the US.

Baby Jake: Wrote three episodes of the second series of this animated, preschool series for CBeebies.

Pet Squad: Wrote seven episodes of this animated, action-comedy series for CBBC.

Dennis and Gnasher: Wrote six episodes and twelve interstitials of this classic cartoon series, aimed at 8-12s.

Big and Small: Having written ten storybooks, two character books, a set of mini-books and an activity book, scripted an episode of this live action, preschool series.

Chuggington: Wrote one episode of this animated preschool show, showing on CBeebies.

Funky Fables: Wrote six episodes of this innovative, interactive, animated series for 8-12s, for CBBC.

Jim Jam and Sunny: Wrote 20 episodes of this live action, preschool series for CITV.

Popshop: Wrote three x 22’ episodes of this music-based, live action series for BBC Scotland.

The Imp: Wrote six eps for second series of this teen-skewed, animated series.

Me Too!: As Assistant Producer on this 150 x 22’ live action, preschool series, worked closely with EP Brian Jameson to write all the storylines and edit the resulting scripts – also scripted 25 episodes.

Dick & Dom in da Bungalow: Wrote numerous sketches for this popular, anarchic Saturday morning show.

Postman Pat: Scripted one episode of this classic, animated series.

Balamory: Was heavily involved in the creation of this ‘preschool soap opera’ from format, story and character development, casting and location scouting to scripting 35 eps and writing many other storylines.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Wrote numerous stories and comic strips for a partwork, published by GE Fabbri.

Doctor Who: Wrote comic strips and articles for: Doctor Who Adventures magazine; the Doctor Who Annual 2009; the Doctor Who Annual 2008; and the Doctor Who Annual 2007 (best selling Annual of 2006).

Shrek: Wrote The Legend of Shrek – a pop-up book to tie in with the American DVD release of Shrek the Third.

Dick & Dom in da Bungalow: Wrote eight books: Dick & Dom in da Bungalow da Book 2007; Dick & Dom in da Bungalow da Book 2006; Dick & Dom’s Joke Book; Dick & Dom’s Guide To Life; Dick & Dom’s Mucktivity Book; Dick & Dom’s Art of Bogies; Dick & Dom’s Stinky Sleepover Guide and Dick & Dom in da Bungalow Funfax – for Penguin and Dorling Kindersley. Also consultanted on the Dick & Dom in da Bungalow Muckazine for John Brown Publishing.

The Secret Show: Wrote six books: How To Be A Secret Agent; The Secret Show Secret Journal Of Secret Things; Highly Dangerous And Totally Untested Sticker Activity Book; Top Secret Joke Book and noveilsations The Bogie Ball, Alien Attack, Destination Sun and Secret Sleep – all published by Penguin.

Fimbles: Wrote two storybooks, published by Penguin.

BBC Worldwide: As a freelance Copy Writer, wrote original Recess, Aladdin, Timon & Pumbaa, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story 2 and Teamo Supremo short stories and strips for Disney’s Comic and Recess strips and features for Disney’s Big Time; wrote regular contributions (fiction, features, quizzes and comic strips) for Girl Talk, FBX, Robot Wars and Blue Peter magazines and books; script read for BBC Talent Children’s Fiction Prize; and covered the third and fourth wars and Celebrity Robot Wars for Robot Wars Magazine.

Go! Girl: Wrote numerous ‘true life’ stories and created, storylined and scripted an ongoing teen photo story.

Bagpuss: Wrote Bagpuss 2001 Annual, with Oliver Postgate, for Egmont World International.



Doctor Who: Wrote three original, Doctor Who, Decide Your Destiny gamebooks for Penguin.

LEGO Media International: Wrote story bible for an original play concept and accompanying animated series for boys and girls age 8-12; wrote story bible for new Bellville play theme; wrote story bible for Alpha Team play theme for boys age 6-10 – launched autumn 2004; and edited story bible for LEGO Pirates, for boys age 6-8 – launched summer 2004. Wrote for MasterBuilders book series; developed and storylined an original, music-based, PC play concept; wrote story bible for LEGO Zooters; wrote story bible for LEGO Life on Mars – later turned into a theatre show at LEGOland Windsor.

BBC Interactive: Wrote interactive Balamory stories for CBeebies online as well as writing onscreen content for Teletubbies Everywhere, Basil Brush, Andy Pandy, Bits & Bobs, SMarteenies, Fab Lab, Bob the Builder and Woody Woodpecker appearing on CBeebies and CBBC.



University of Manchester: Taught twelve week course to Third Year English and Drama Undergraduates capitalising on all areas of my experience – Writing and Producing Children’s Television in Britain Today: From Pitch to Production, Broadcast and Beyond – culminating with students pitching their original and well researched ideas to professional TV Producers.